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March 2, 2006: I couldn't help myself last night.
The garage door was open and beckoning me. Well, I had to see how the new exhaust sounded, didn't I?

And it sounds good. My initial impressions are still true - it's a nice sound right up to redline. It's not a quiet sound but it's acceptable for street use. Quieter than a Harley, that's for sure. When I dropped by to visit some friends who were working on stuffing a twin-turbo rotary into an unsuspecting Miata, they thought a Hayabusa or some other sport bike had pulled up outside. A big part of this was how fast the engine revved when I blipped the throttle as I manouvered around.

Of course, part of the fun of testing at night is the fireballs. On closed throttle deceleration, I'm still running pretty rich. That means that coming into corners the car is blowing flame and making the classic little sports car burbles and pops. Then BLAM! and a fireball. I giggle a lot when this happens.

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