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December 13, 2004: Better stripper.
I've been told via email and the guestbook that my paint stripper was not manly enough. The key is to use the semi-gelled type that paints on. The paint shop that recommended the spray-on stuff was wrong! Once again, after finding the pros didn't quite have what I needed I headed for Lowes. A bottle of Jasco stripper cost less than a single spray can and it definitely did the job. Combined with a solvent-proof brush from Walmart, a Scotch Brite pad and a not-solvent-proof scraper I was able to make a huge difference to the wheels. Tomorrow I'll see how they paint. Thanks to Richard and Jonathan for the tips.

I was busy over the weekend driving. I brought a video camera along and I've put some pretty fun videos together. Nothing fancy (yet), just some back road driving. This will give you a hint of the sort of roads that we have right on the edge of town. They sure look fast in the little versions, holy cow. Want to see them?

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