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April 4, 2006: Ahhhh, that was some gooood skiing.

The gas tank is painted and installed.
I've plumbed everything in, altered wiring, strapped down the pump and added in a new fuel filter. The latter is a bit of an experiment. Due to the packaging of the Miata filter, I decided to try a generic inline unit. It's intended for carbureted cars. Hopefully it won't pop - at least it's a metal case. Hmm, perhaps a little more effort on fitting the Miata part would be in order. The big step will be tonight. I have to fill up the tank. I stopped there last night because I had a mental image of the tank leaking like a colander and I didn't have the stamina to deal with it.

My friend Matt in Australia sent along a scan of a review of "How to build a cheap sports car" from Hot 4s & Performance Cars magazine. "In a nutshell, this is one excellent book". That just makes my day. The Eastern Canadian Lotus Club also mentioned it in their newsletter - the ECLC is the Lotus club I used to pester back when a Seven was just a tickle at the back of my brain.

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