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January 18, 2005: The Seven lost its head last night.
This guaranteed beautiful weather today of course. The head came off quite easily because of the amount of room around the engine with the hood and nose removed from the car. It's a radical difference from working on the same engine on my GTX - sitting right beside the Seven with its own head removed. The fairly unusual cams I'm using are showing some rapid wear. That's not reassuring. It's the first time I've actually looked at them. They're quite high lift and short duration from the looks of it. I'll bet they'd really enjoy some good springs. Naaah, maybe later. Hopefully the head can be fixed up with new valve seals fairly quickly. Then I can start working on extracting a little more power. While I'm waiting for that to return I have a number of small jobs to do on the car such as some cosmetic cleanup, ducting for the radiator and - yes, Eric - a grille.

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