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January 21, 2004: It's here!
There was much excitement in the shop when the crate arrived. You can see the photos. Unfortunately, the crate was badly beaten during shipping. The car arrived mostly unscathed, but there were two suspension brackets that were bent slightly. That's an easy repair. More disappointing is the fact that the nose cone was damaged. Steve at CMC says that one of the shippers walked on top of the crate - ouch! There's also a mysterious cut in the nose that looks like it was done with a saw and we can't explain that one. The fuel cell was not in the crate but CMC tells me now that it wasn't shipped. I later realised there were no stays for the fenders either, so I'm waiting to hear about that. Overall, the welding looks good and the frame seems well made.

So, progress last night? Well, we welded in the roll bar. The fitment wasn't ideal but we were able to make it work with some effort. We also played around a bit with a spare engine, making a "car" out of the bits and pieces we had. Wouldn't you?

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