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January 16, 2004: No, the frame hasn't arrived yet.
It left the Memphis depot at 6:34 am on the 15th - not that I'm checking.

I have picked up the engine management for the car now. I'll be using a Link ECU similar to the one in my Miata. Those of you familiar with Flyin' Miata will not be surprised. The MAP sensor is from a 1.6 car so that it will fit the plug from the Miata harness. This will be a little atypical for most CMC builds as I'm going to build my own wiring harness. I've also grabbed a good Pierburg fuel pump. It's what we've used for years to feed high-power Miatas. The pumps are from an Audi, so they're extremely reliable. They're also reasonably quiet and weatherproof enough to use on a Seven. CMC now uses them on my suggestion and they work a treat. It'll also flow enough fuel to feed pretty much anything I can do to this motor - our Track Dog race car runs one and it makes 350 hp at the wheels!

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