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July 30, 2009: While procrastinating on the latest book, I found myself flipping back through this build diary.
The Flyin' Miata Open House is coming up soon and I just realized that it will mark the 5th anniversary of the Seven's track and public debut. 5 years! It's hard to believe. It's also hard to believe that for the last two of those five years, the car has really only come out of the garage for the Open House. It's a real shame. So I took it for a short blat to make sure everything's working properly (answer: yes) and then proceeded to prep it for a track day.
It's shameful. I've been distracted by the Targa Miata and V8 Miatas. It's time to get back to first principles.

Now, we've agreed not to chase lap records at the Open House this year so we can concentrate on giving rides, so I'll probably leave the Seven in the garage that day. But Saturday - Saturday is different. It's a full-on track day. Brandon will be there with his little lightweight, complete with a new airbox. He hasn't been able to touch the lap record quite yet, but he's within sniffing distance. Bill should be there with the monstrous Westfield, but running narrower 205 tires due to a small interference problem between his spring perches and his oversized wheels. So it might turn out to be an epic day.

Again, there have been no changes to the car in the past two years, but I've been spending a lot of time on the track. Is there room for a little more to be shaved off? Bill's only 0.3 seconds ahead. This is going to be good.

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