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May 12, 2009: Well, it's official.
Bill has the lap record. We had a track day last weekend and while I'd originally planned to bring the Seven, I ended up driving a V8 Miata instead. It was good - I took it around the track faster than any other Miata has ever managed with a 1:02.889 - but Bill was there with the Westfield and a transponder.

The times didn't quite match up to those coming out of the datalogger which was a bit odd, but an official 1:01.546 was enough to take my crown. That's still close enough that I could probably steal it back again with a bit more practice.

Brandon brought his car and failed to catch on fire, so that's good. In fact, it was the most uneventful day for him yet. His time was a 1:02.210 which is still pretty darn fast, but he seemed disappointed. Oh, how our standards have changed in the past year!

Remember my first visit to this track? I did a 1:09.6. Really.

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