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August 12, 2008: It's time to put the Torsen in the Seven.
After all, the FM Open House is this weekend. That's the fourth anniversary of the Seven's track debut. And this year, I have some serious competition. The Westfield was close last year, but of course it's grown a turbo since then. The turbo Caterham isn't liable to be a big challenge, but Brandon in Chris Fiaccone's old bike-engined car is liable to be a big threat. Brandon did really well with the car at a track day last weekend and he's a good driver. Yikes.

Of course, that's assuming I get the diff in. It's a real puzzle, twisting and turning the differential to get it in and out. I haven't stumbled across the magic orientation yet, and it gets tiring with a 75 lb diff. So it's time to take a little break and let the diff think about what it's done.

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