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April 5, 2008: Well, it was going to happen eventually.
My lap record from April 2006 fell today. The old record of 1:03.777 (clockwise) was blown away as Bill turned a 1:02.455 in the Westfield. Remember, the car's turbocharged now so the distance between the corners is a whole lot less! I got the chance to drive the car on the track - a much tighter one than Pueblo - and it's a bit more of a handful in the smaller venue. Catching power oversteer at 70 mph in the middle of that downhill sweeper made for an exciting ride.

Luckily, Bill wasn't quite able to match my 1:02.471 running counterclockwise, having to settle for a 1:02.807. Not too shabby, and with a little more seat time and some brake tweaking that record could easily fall as well. Or perhaps I'll have to do it myself, I can usually pick up a couple of tenths on Bill in the same machinery...

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