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August 10, 2006: I've been watching a TV series called "A Race Car is Born".
It's basically 90 minutes of a Westfield being assembled - sounds mind-numbing, but the host is pretty entertaining without being idiotic - and then 90 minutes of how you can use it. It certainly illustrates the differences between a homebuilt or low-end frame and a proper kit, that's for sure. At one point, the host is explaning that the difficult part in mounting the steering rack is sliding the clamps over a rubber bushing. In my case, I had to shorten the rack and housing, build the rack mounts and lengthen the tie rods. Somehow, slipping the clamps over the rubber bushings doesn't stick out in my mind! There are some nice tips in it though and I've picked up a couple of tricks already. The program doesn't seem to be readily available right now other than in a massive digital file surreptitiously traded online.

One program that is available is Top Gear's Caterham challenge. Definitely more entertainment than education, but the fact that they actually get the car to the self-propelled stage in time is impressive. That one is on YouTube.

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